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Reminiscence perfume REM acqua it



Reminiscence perfume REM acqua it
Reminiscence perfume REM acqua it

With summer approaching, this is a particularly good time to discover new scents. Indeed, spring is a season during which a good number of perfumers unveil summer scents. Also, Réminiscence is a brand that clearly places itself in this niche. Moreover, the house’s best-seller, the Rem perfume, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Also, it is quite logical that Réminiscence has decided to release a new olfactory variation. Rem L’Acqua will make its appearance during the month of April 2016. Like its predecessor, this one already promises to blow a holiday wind ahead.

The novelty Rem L’Acqua

Rem L’Acqua fits perfectly in the continuity of its predecessor. It is a fresh, light, modern and easy to wear essence. This fragrance unmistakably evokes the sea and the holidays. It recreates the scent of skin heated in the sun and it is a real pleasure to see yourself transported to a beach even when you are in your bathroom. Its scent starts with a tangy and jasmine surge mainly based on bergamot. Then, its heart is full of narcissus and sea salt. These raw materials combine a floral and chypre sensation with the illusion of solar amber. Finally, Rem L’Acqua ends with more amber and balsamic notes as well as the sensuality of musk. As usual, Rem L’Acqua is contained in a bottle similar to a pebble.round and smooth. This is topped with an algae as a cabochon. However, it is tinted for the occasion in a more clear color than that of its predecessor. It then evolves from a turquoise blue gradient towards the transparency of the glass. The rendering of this new juice is absolutely poetic and captivating. It perfectly reflects the idea that we have of a successful holiday by the sea.

Reminiscent and its taste for the smells of summer

Reminiscence - REM acqua it
Reminiscence – REM acqua it

Whether with the new Rem L’Acqua or with the brand’s other fragrances, Réminiscence has a particularly pronounced taste for summer scents. In this case, its juices contain salicylates, molecules particularly reminiscent of the smell of holidays. Indeed, in Europe, our summer olfactory reference is solar amber. This is built around the salicylates. Moreover, this is totally different in the United States where we have as a reference a Hawaiian sunscreen whose fragrance is very opulent and built around notes of coconut. In fact, initially, L’Oréal did use benzyl salicylate for its sun filter properties. However, research has enabled much more effective sun protection techniques to be implemented. Gold, when L’Oréal removed salicylates from its composition, sales dropped considerably. In order to restart its last, it was then necessary to find olfactory chemical components capable of recreating this typical odor of sun protection. No wonder then that salicylates are now synonymous with holidays for us. Réminiscence understood this well and that is why she very often incorporates this addictive product at the heart of her compositions.

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