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Repetto Eau de Toilette Perfume



Repetto Eau de Toilette Perfume
Repetto Eau de Toilette Perfume

Repetto and the world of dance

Rose Repetto, mother of the dancer and choreographer, Roland Petit, creates a pair of ballerinas for him in a small Parisian workshop. The innovative inverted stitch technique gives a flexible and light shoe, thus appealing to all dancers. Later, it will be Brigitte Bardot, then Serge Gainsbourg who will buy Repetto ballerinas, thus contributing to the success of the brand. In 2013, the Repetto brand launched into perfumery with “Repetto”, an olfactory universe made of magic and dance!

Repetto, the eau de toilette of a ballet dancer

In view of its history, the world of dance is obviously inseparable from the brand, it is even its DNA. The world of dance, the brand’s favorite domain, will therefore naturally be constantly present at the heart of the brand’s first fragrance, soberly named “Repetto”. Even the muse, Dorothée Gilbert is a famous ballet dancer. “Repetto” was built around the most feminine flower, the rose. Charming, delicate and ultra sensual, the fragrance of “Repetto” was created by Olivier Polge , currently official perfumer of Chanel. Even the bottle is synonymous with movement and seems to come from the world of classical dance. A silky dance ribbon also surrounds the cap, a ribbon similar to that of Repetto ballerinas.

Repetto, the rose at the heart of the fragrance

“Repetto” begins with a floral-fruity association of pear and cherry blossoms, giving the whole composition an extreme softness. Then, the heart of “Repetto” is full of femininity thanks to the presence of the queen of flowers, the rose. The latter blends wonderfully with the luminosity of the orange blossom. Finally, the base of “Repetto” is sensual and combines vanilla and amber woods.

Repetto - Repetto Perfume

From the Art of Dance to the Art of Perfume there is only one step. The first Perfume from Maison Repetto is the ultimate accessory for women to reveal their grace and beauty …

Repetto perfume

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In each woman sleeps a dancer.

Discover a precious and delicate bottle full of movement, like an arabesque on a ballet evening. The satin ribbon signed with its tassel is delicately wrapped like a ballet slipper around a dancer’s ankle. The iconic product of Dance!

A woody musky floral fragrance, graceful and carnal, which opens with a sparkling flight with Pear as an exquisite note and Cherry Blossom as a cloud of powder.

Its floral heart reveals an ultimate grace in which an infinite satin Rose meets the feminine sensuality of Orange Blossom. The Ballet ends with a powdery amber finish to enter the dance through the Amber Woods and Vanilla

Repetto - Repetto Pub Perfume

Dorothée Gilbert – Repetto Perfume

Dorothée Gilbert, Star Dancer and ambassador of the first Repetto perfume, is the main actress.

The first Repetto perfume invites you to get closer to the stage, go behind the curtain, discover the most intimate of a woman’s costumes: her perfume.

“My daily life nourishes my dance, and dance nourishes my daily life” , explains Dorothée Gilbert.

Repetto, a unique promise of grace and lightness.

The Repetto House

The Repetto collections are inspired by the world of classical dance and are the result of exceptional French know-how developed for the most elaborate products in the world of dance.

The history of the House begins with Rose Repetto, who in 1947 created ballet shoes for her son Roland Petit, dancer and choreographer in a workshop close to the Paris Opera. Repetto then becomes THE reference for all dancers.

Repetto - Dorothée Gilbert

Fragrance of the Repetto perfume

“J’ai cherché à élaborer un effet cousu-main en associant une sélection de matières premières luxueuses et riches en authenticité. Une rose poudrée musquée, véritable quintessence de féminité. Il s’agit d’une formule épurée dans laquelle j’ai eu le plaisir d’utiliser l’essence de rose et la vanille.
C’est une formule épurée qui recherche la perfection dans l’authenticité. C’est une alliance d’émotions : un voile de satin qui effleure la peau, un corps qui virevolte et se cambre dans une grâce infinie. C’est un parfum rose poudrée musquée où la rose y est tutu par sa robe, quintessence de féminité par son odeur, envoûtante par sa beauté, pureté par son authenticité. “ Olivier Polge, Nez chez International Flavors and Fragrances.

Flacon et Etui du parfum Repetto

Logé dans un étui poudré, exacte réplique de la couleur emblématique du rose de Repetto, le flacon reprend le véritable ruban de la célèbre ballerine Carlotta. Enlacé autour de l’étui et scellé du « r » minuscule et iconique de la brand, le satin est noué autour du col du Perfume, lesté d’une pampille élégante. Quant au flacon de verre subtilement teinté, il semble avoir été taillé dans un mouvement perpétuel. Tel un corps en pleine chorégraphie, le flacon a nécessité des mois de répétition.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Boisé – Musqué

Notes de Tête : Poire, Fleur de Cerisier.

Notes de Cœur : Rose, Fleur d’Oranger.

Notes de Fond : Bois Ambrés, Vanille.

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