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Rochas: The new Mustache Eau de Parfum



Rochas: The new Mustache Eau de Parfum
Rochas: The new Mustache Eau de Parfum

Rochas reinterprets its iconic Mustache in a new Eau de Parfum

While many new products very often appear in the world of perfumery, old juices also resurface from time to time. Perfumers are inspired by their prestige from the past and reinvent them to bring them up to date. Thus, they are true olfactory legends which are addressed to new generations of men and women. In this year 2018, Rochas decided to transform one of its most famous perfumes for men called Mustache. This becomes an Eau de Parfum and relies more than ever on sensuality to capsize your heart.

The very contrasting breath of Mustache Eau de Parfum

Mustache Eau de Parfum plays in the register of sensuality and extravagance. It is addressed to all the men of today who are not cold in the eyes and who wish to expose their charm to the eyes of all. Designed by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, this fragrance contains many contradictory elements. It begins with a fresh and incandescent explosiveness of tangerine and pink berries. Thus, its lively flavor promises us a somewhat cheeky trail. Then, his heart plays in masculine and feminine codes, as if to better stir up trouble. He mixes Bulgarian rose with Atlas cedar. The patchouli comes to structure all of its deep and humid scent. Finally, Mustache Eau de Parfum warms up in its base with a duo of vanilla and benzoin.

Rochas preserves its bottle of yesteryear

If the scent of Mustache Eau de Parfum has been somewhat metamorphosed, its visual, on the other hand, has remained the same. Its bottle forms a thick cylinder of glass, the walls of which are sculpted in tar. Its transparency warms up on contact with a more amber juice than before, echoing its warm and sunny sensuality. This luminosity is nevertheless counterbalanced by a shimmering and dark cap. On its front face, its name appears on the same label as that of 1949. Red in color.

The story of the very first Mustache de Rochas

If Rochas has chosen to reinterpret Mustache perfume , it is quite simply because it is one of the most important juices in the history of men’s perfumery. Originally created in 1949, it emerged when men’s fragrances, as we understand them today, did not actually exist. At that time, people used Eau de Cologne instead. Mustache has preserved their freshness while adding a more woody depth and a much more pronounced character. Mustache de Rochas was seen in its time as a small revolution. For the anecdote, know that his name is inspired, for its part, by one of the most famous mustaches in history: that of Charles I in a painting drawn by the painter Van Dyck and presented at the Louvre museum. .

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