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Rose des Vents fragrance, femininity at its peak



Rose des Vents, femininity at its peak
Rose des Vents, femininity at its peak

It was only at the age of 14 that the young Louis Vuitton decided to leave his native Jura, in order to “go up” to Paris. From then on, he worked as a trunk maker and showed a lot of innovation. It was in 1854 that Louis Vuitton founded its own brand. It will be from 1885 that his son, Georges will develop his father’s brand and models internationally. In 1927, Louis Vuitton imagined a perfume “Heures d’Absence”. It will be in 2016 that he will return to the world of perfumery with a collection of 7 fragrances, each more magical than the last, including “Rose des Vents” .

The queen of flowers in light

The entire “Louis Vuitton Parfums” collection highlights one or more noble raw materials. Each perfume bears poetic, dreamy names or those that encourage travel. “Rose des Vents” highlights the most beautiful and the most feminine of flowers, the rose. The rose of Grasse is the most famous and most adored of perfumers around the world. Also called “Centifolia rose” or “hundred-leaf rose”, the Grasse rose has a very dense bud and a most exceptional scent.

The rose which is incorporated in the “Rose des Vents” perfume is harvested on the day of its hatching to be actually used. The composition of “Rose des Vents” is intended to be as golden as the first light of day.

The compass rose, ultra feminine notes

It is the nose Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, which is at the origin of the 7 fragrances of the Louis Vuitton collection. “Rose des Vents” begins with mainly fruity and sweet notes, namely those of peach and blackcurrant, associated with green notes. The heart is, of course, filled with roses.

Not only the Grasse rose, but also other varieties such as the Bulgarian rose or the Turkish rose. They are all joined by the powdery tone of the iris. The trail is elegant thanks to the presence of cedar and a peppery tone. As for the bottle, it is the same for all 7 fragrances. These bottles are the work of Australian designer Marc Newson.

Very popular, the latter is known for its daring and refined designs. It is precisely this minimalist bottle that we discover here for all the bottles in the collection. The glass is heavy and looks like an apothecary’s vial. The whole is topped with a black metallic cap highlighting the brand’s “LV” emblem. Its transparent base thus revealing the pink color of its nectar.

A magnificent composition which highlights the rose, the feminine flower par excellence. A mixture of different roses gives this composition a unique style that reveals all the depth and beauty of the rose.

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