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Rouge Dior now with a matte finish



Rouge Dior now with a matte finish
Rouge Dior now with a matte finish

Rouge à Lèvre Rouge Dior Mat, the new seductive weapon of the Dior house

When we talk about lipstick, how can we not think of the golden age of Hollywood cinema and famous pin-ups? Just imagine, their sublime blonde hair contrasted by a radiant mouth of a bright red. Moreover, this look has recently made a lot of talk thanks to the clip of Gwen Stefani for the title It’s My Life or thanks to Christina Aguilera for Candyman.

Well, it seems that this time it’s Dior’s turn to reclaim this style. This large house honors a staple of feminine beauty and marks the appearance of a new Rouge à Lèvres Rouge Mat.

The radiant color of Dior’s new lipstick

Dior chose to call its new lip makeup, Rouge à Lèvre Rouge Mat . Also, it’s a safe bet that this is an exclusively Red product… Well no, think again! In fact, Peter Philips, Dior Creative and Makeup Director explains that he “created this Rouge Mat Dior collection so that each woman has the opportunity to express herself by choosing and changing shades according to her wishes”. Thus, the Rouge à Lèvres Rouge Mat is presented to us in a large panel of 35 colors.

It is composed of coral, red, fushia, pink, nude tones… Something to satisfy all the follies! What is more, it displays in ultra pigmented colors and sometimes even appears totally extravagant. However, for the more discreet among you, know that it can also be more natural. Each of the Rouge à Lèvres Rouge Mat colors is particularly bright, redesigning your mouth with perfectly even coverage.

Red Matte Lipstick and its concentrate of sweetness

However, if the Dior house demonstrates extraordinary expertise in terms of makeup , it also displays unparalleled know-how in terms of cosmetology. This is why she has also chosen to integrate real skincare into the heart of her Rouge à Lèvre Rouge Mat. It is equipped with a formula ensuring the comfort of the lips for sixteen hours. Thus, no feeling of tightness or dryness is felt during the day. This effect has been revealed by dermatological tests and also allows the lipstick not to streak. Thus, its color remains all the more radiant and lasts over time, displaying an exemplary hold.

In addition, the formula of Rouge à Lèvres Rouge Mat by Dior is enriched with multiple natural agents. Mango butter has been added to its composition in order to hydrate the mouth continuously. The areolat samphira, on the other hand, acts by revitalizing the epidermis. In addition, Dior has also incorporated hyaluronic acid into its lipstick. This is present in a sphere at the heart of this tube and here displays filling virtues, smoothing the surface of the mouth. Finally, Lipixel restores volume to the surface of the latter thanks to its lipid-replenishing power.

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