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Rouge Pure Couture The Mats, YSL’s already cult lipstick



Rouge Pure Couture The Mats, YSL's already cult lipstick
Rouge Pure Couture The Mats, YSL’s already cult lipstick

Following the release of his Scandal makeup look , Yves Saint Laurent has declined three new shades of his Rouge Pur Couture matte lipstick: 211 Decadent Pink, 212 Alternative Plum and 213 Orange Seventies.

If the notoriety of the Yves Saint-Laurent house began in the field of sewing, its field of action soon extended to perfumery and then to cosmetics. Today, Yves Saint-Laurent is an emblem in these three fields and displays an almost unequaled know-how in these three sectors of activity. Thus, each of the make-up creations of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand combines the beauty of the best make-up with the benefits provided by the latest technological advances in terms of cosmetology. This is precisely the case with the new Rouge Pure Couture The Mats, a concentrate of beauty and skincare to be displayed on all lips.

The radiant color of Yves Saint-Laurent’s new lipstick

Lipstick is an essential artifice that has been part of the wide range of makeup for women for many years now. One only has to observe the Hollywood pin-ups of the 50s to realize this. However, the number of colors present on our shelves today has greatly expanded and we no longer speak only of flashy red. Also, on the occasion of the release of the new Rouge Pure Couture The Mats , it is available in six colors. Each shade is absolutely radiant and wants to be “rock and chic”.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s idea was to offer women the choice to vary their look according to their desires, the seasons but also the occasions. Rouge Pure Couture The Mats evolves, among others, from intense red to garnet through plum. It reproduces a very avant-garde “stretch leather” effect and unfolds to sublimate your smile and attract all eyes. It’s perfect coverage with just one swipe, and its even texture lasts over your mouth for about six hours, giving you the most beautiful smiles from early morning until night.

The care formula contained in Rouge Pure Couture The Mats

Likewise, the Rouge Pure Couture The Mats by Yves Saint-Laurent doesn’t just leave a colored film on your mouth. He takes care of her throughout his applications. The latter meets very strict quality criteria and thus offers women the best in the field of care. It leaves behind perfectly smooth skin and makes it gain suppleness and natural radiance day after day.

In addition, it is formulated within the framework of “Coloreveal Technology”, which allows it to ensure a sensual and slippery mattness, with faithful colors for hours on end. Your mouth is also better hydrated for 6 hours, which helps to look better every day. Likewise, it prevents the lipstick from spinning. As you can see, Rouge Pure Couture The Mats puts all the advances in cosmetic research at the service of your beauty.

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