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Russkaya Kozha, the new Berdoues perfume



Russkaya Kozha, the new Berdoues perfume
Russkaya Kozha, the new Berdoues perfume

Russkaya Kozha, the new Berdou smell

For more than 100 years, the Berdoues group has been developing extraordinary know-how and expertise in the art of manufacturing perfumes and cosmetic products. Today, it is a company present in more than 40 countries and distributed in more than 10,000 points of sale. Its notoriety extends over the entire planet and it is precisely to multiple countries that Berdoues wanted to pay tribute through its Collection of Grands Crus. Also, Berdoues has just announced the integration of a new perfume within this emblematic assortment. This one is a tribute to Imperial Russia and is called Russkaya Kozha.

A look back at the creation of the Collection des Grands Crus de Berdoues

Berdoues is a brand that has always had a very innovative spirit. In this sense, it appears to be one of the pioneers in the field of Colognes. Since the appearance of the latter, Berdoues has never ceased to explore new universes without forgetting his origins. Thus, Berdoues is a perfumer halfway between respect for traditions and the exploration of a radiant olfactory future. Likewise, it is a brand always eager for new experiences and excellence. In this sense, Berdoues had the idea of ​​developing the Collection of Grands Crus. Its ambition is to pay tribute to Eaux de Colognes while offering its customers real perfumes with exemplary tenacity. Each of the juices in the Grands Crus Collection, including the new Russkaya Kozha, has a very assertive personality and immediately shows its belonging to a region of the globe. As such, Russkaya Kozha comes to us from Russia. It comes from a prolonged maceration in vats, which allows it to release all its character, its power and its personality. In other words, Russkaya Kozha is a fragrance that was thought of as a grand cru that a winemaker would have developed with passion and patience.

The soul of Russia at the heart of the new Russkaya Kozha

Russkaya Kozha est un parfum à base de quatre ingrédients majeurs. Celui-ci contient majoritairement du cuir de Russie. Cette matière première se veut particulièrement animale et sensuelle. Elle donne un caractère torride et chaleureux à l’ensemble, mais pas seulement… En réalité, il s’agit là d’un clin d’œil fait par Berdoues à la fragrance « Cuir de Russie », sortie en 1925. Celle-ci fut le tout premier parfum cuiré pour homme à connaître un succès massif. Elle était signée de la maison Farina Gegenüber, première créatrice d’eau de Cologne. En ce sens, il s’agit d’un symbole fort au cœur de cette collection rendant hommage à ces parfums ancestraux. Russkaya Kozha accompagne ici cet élément de genévrier. Les baies de genièvre constituent le fruit d’un arbrisseau de la famille des conifères. Celui-ci est originaire d’Europe méditerranéenne et dévoile ici sa saveur épicée et boisée. Le benjoin, quant à lui, nous vient directement du Laos et charge l’ensemble d’une odeur chaude, fruitée et vanillée. Enfin, le tout s’achève par des effluves camphrés et anisés de cardamome. Vous l’aurez compris, Russkaya Kozha est un jus unisexe doté d’un fort caractère !

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