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Santal Musc, the new sensual fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez



Santal Musc, the new sensual fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez
Santal Musc, the new sensual fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez

It was in 2003 that the couturier Narciso Rodriguez made the choice to develop a perfume to perfect his outfits. His first creation was called For Her. For Narciso Rodriguez, “This portrait expressed everything a woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth. It is my very personal and romantic vision, he said, of the imaginary muse that inspires me and allows me to feel what I feel when I create. »Still in this context of poetry and sensuality, Narciso Rodriguez offers us today a new composition called Santal Musc .

The universe of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances

Narciso Rodriguez is an American fashion designer of Cuban origin. He has always drawn his inspiration from the crossroads of multiple cultures. This earned him a unique and universal style. Thus, Narciso Rodriguez manages to seduce all women and realize the poetic dream of each of them. Its scents are always very nuanced. With Narciso Rodriguez everything is suggested but never imposed. Like this, the new Santal Musc is a blend of elegance and refinement. Both sensual and powerful, it is a generous fragrance that immediately inspires femininity and beauty.

The ingredients of the Santal Musc perfume

As the name of this perfume suggests, two ingredients are mainly highlighted: sandalwood and musk. Sandalwood is a raw material that comes to us from India and which allows to obtain a woody scent, at the same time warm, waxy and smoky. Likewise, sandalwood is renowned for its milky and creamy side. It is accompanied here by the heightened sensuality of musk. Originally, it was an animal raw material, derived from the secretion of a gland of an Asian buckshot. However, its hunting is now strictly prohibited and musk is fully reproduced in a synthetic way. It delivers a fairly strong, woody and animal scent. In addition to these two ingredients, cardamom reinforces the freshness of this juice. Santal Musc is also illuminated by the solar exoticism of ylang-ylang.

The return of the iconic bottle of Narciso Rodriguez

Finally, note that the Santal Musc perfume is presented to us in the emblematic bottle of Narciso Rodriguez. Originally designed for the For Her fragrance in 2003, it is a perfect expression of Narciso Rodriguez’s creative vision. Santal Musc comes in a sleek bottle stripped of all superfluous. Its timeless modernity is reflected in an elegant rectangular glass block. Nevertheless, its transparency today reveals a golden interior lacquering. The mysterious black has disappeared in favor of more refinement. The color of Sandalwood Musk is similar to molten gold. Therefore, this perfume calls for all desires and appears to be a compendium of fantasies. You have been warned … It is almost impossible to resist its charm!

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