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Sauvage Very Cool Spray



Sauvage Very Cool Spray
Sauvage Very Cool Spray

Sauvage Very Cool Spray, a new spring fragrance from Dior

If you follow the latest perfume news, you will know that the latter evolves with the seasons. Indeed, if opulent juices are generally very popular in winter, they are much less so on hot summer days. Therefore, it is preferable to favor fresher scents. This is undoubtedly why Dior chose spring to present its brand new Sauvage fragrance . This one is called Sauvage Very Cool Spray and is described as being a refreshed version of its predecessor.

The origins of the new Sauvage Very Cool Spray

As its name suggests, Sauvage Very Cool Spray is the worthy successor of Sauvage perfume. What’s more, it’s two juices that convey the same message. They encourage men to refocus on themselves as if to better let their instinct speak. A true concentrate of masculinity, this assortment of fragrances is a kind of initiatory journey, a dive into the heart of nature as if to better understand oneself. Moreover, this is clearly what was suggested in the advertisement for the Sauvage perfume highlighting the most famous of pirates: actor Johnny Depp. This one plunged into the desert with a large displacement and was recharged in the heart of the arid elements. He even went so far as to lose his fashion accessories, deemed superfluous at the time. Wild and WildVery Cool Spray are perfumes made for mysterious men in need of appeasement and freedom. Moreover, if these last two are vectors of the same message, you will quickly realize that this is not their only similarity …

The absolute freshness of the latest Dior creation

Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a fragrance that Dior does not qualify as a “derivative” of Sauvage. Indeed, these two juices have very few differences. In reality, they display the same recipe except in their top notes. Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a kind of fresher twins of Sauvage. Thus, it begins with a grapefruit flavor, which was not the case with its elder brother. As François Demachy explains , exclusive nose of Diorhaving made these two fragrances: “I saw Sauvage Very Cool Spray as a means of highlighting the structure of the Eau de Toilette. I wanted to reveal its essence so that it could remain a strong, fresh and direct signature ”. This new juice only underlines the basic freshness of this bestseller from the Dior brand. On the bottle side, this also retains the same color as Sauvage. On the other hand, its case is longer and less wide. Likewise, there is no longer any difference in diameter between its cabochon and its base. Sauvage Very Cool Spray is equipped with a very practical spray. Indeed, it works when the bottle is turned upside down. As a result, Dior does not hesitate to qualify Sauvage Very Cool Spray as a “nomadic” fragrance. Furthermore,

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