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Scandal Christmas Snow Globe Jean-Paul Gaultier



A new bottle for the holidays: Scandal Boule à Neige by Jean-Paul Gaultier
A new bottle for the holidays: Scandal Boule à Neige by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Scandal Snow Globe, Jean-Paul Gaultier celebrates Christmas!

The Christmas period is always an opportunity for the big luxury houses to reinterpret their most beautiful creations to give them a festive air. Thus, the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand is no exception to tradition. It must be said that with his spirit of a grown-up child, the couturier made it one of his favorite annual periods… This time, to evoke all the magic of Christmas, he chose to reinvent one of his new perfumes: Scandal by Gaultier . If you were wondering who owned the legs overhanging this bottle, it could well be now those of Mother Christmas!

The new bottle of Scandal Snow Globe

Scandal Boule à Neige comes in a bottle very similar to that of its predecessors of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand. Indeed, its form has been totally preserved. It is still a transparent bottle, with a generous and rounded silhouette, revealing to us a pink and feminine juice in the transparency of its thick glass. On the top of the bottle stand two legs as a cap, as if a young woman had fallen backwards into this bottle! This time, however, this pretty pair of legs is dressed in white and red woolen tights, in a typical Christmas spirit. Likewise, Scandal Snow Globe is presented in a new case, like a glass bell hiding a multitude of small snowflakes. This new presentation recalls the snowballs to shake from our childhood, enough to plunge us back with nostalgia into our fondest winter memories!

Scandal Snow Globe’s new ad

To get people talking about his Christmas 2019 limited edition, Jean-Paul Gaultier also relied on an advertisement. Thus, Scandal Boule à Neige is presented to us in a magical setting. To the sound of Maria Callas, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s factory is transformed into a ski resort. Scandal Boule à Neige takes the chairlift and begins a ski descent. He even offers himself some high-flying figures in the air. For the occasion, it is also accompanied by two other limited editions of the Classique and the Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The unchanged scent of Scandal Snow Globe

In reality, this fragrance is only a limited edition of the Scandal bottle. Its fragrance, meanwhile, remains completely unchanged. Very fresh at first, Scandal Boule à Neige begins with a blend of mandarin orange and blood orange. Its heart, meanwhile, is more floral. It contains gardenia, orange blossom and jasmine. For more indulgence, honey and peach join the mix. Finally, Scandal Snow Globe ends with a delicious touch of patchouli, caramel, liquorice and beeswax. It immediately becomes a comforting treat to offer yourself to warm up your cold winter days!

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