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Sexy Sunset, the sensuality of women seen by Michael Kors



Sexy Sunset, the sensuality of women seen by Michael Kors
Sexy Sunset, the sensuality of women seen by Michael Kors

Among the flood of perfumes coming out each year, certain essences stand out from the others by their inventiveness. Also, the house of Michael Kors never ceases to compete in ingenuity to make us succumb. This New York-born designer has a real creative genius. Formerly specialized only in fashion, it has extended its activity since 2000 to perfumery. Lovers of new olfactory sensations will appreciate each of its outings. This is why they will be delighted to learn that 2016 will soon see a limited edition for women appear. The new Sexy Sunset will soon be on our site and already promises to enchant you with its sensuality.

A fragrance from a trio of essences signed by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American designer whose notoriety grew very quickly in the United States. However, in order to make himself known, he became artistic director of the Céline brand in 1997. Later, he launched a brand in his own name and soon began to bring out perfumed fragrances. The majority of his work is aimed at female beauty. Also, it is in this context that he decided, in 2015, to create a trio of fragrances. Thus, the latter allow the woman to vary the pleasures according to their mood, the seasons or their style. Sporty Circus is a fairly classic and particularly fresh juice. In particular, it gives off citrus scents. Thus, its citrus-based scent is particularly invigorating and is ideal for the summer season. Glam Jasmin, meanwhile, is softer and more sophisticated. Its ambition is to highlight feminine beauty through floral notes and in particular jasmine. Finally, Sexy Amber is seen as the femme fatale of this collection. Its scent is more amber and musky. It is more intense and sophisticated. In short, it is totally bewitching and it is precisely this that served as the basis for the design of the new Sexy Sunset.

Sexy Sunset, a captivating limited edition

Let us dwell on his bottle for a moment. This one is particularly refined and luxurious. In this case, it has a golden cabochon sticking wonderfully to the prestige of the Michael Kors brand. Likewise, its slender shape is reminiscent of a woman’s very slender silhouette. Its juice, meanwhile, adopts a particularly warm and sensual shade. This one is inspired by the rays of a sunset. Likewise, this warmth is characteristic of this new essence.. Sexy Sunset opens with fruity and luminous tones. It includes juicy pear, blackcurrant, freesia and lotus flower. Her heart, meanwhile, is particularly feminine. In this case, it gives off many floral scents based on peony, gardenia, rose and sambac jasmine. Finally, Sexy Sunset gives off a deeper and more intense trail. This one is full of cedar wood, the enveloping aspect of sandalwood as well as the exotic warmth of vanilla.

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