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Si Nacre Edition, the brand new limited edition from Armani



Si Nacre Edition, the brand new limited edition from Armani
Si Nacre Edition, the brand new limited edition from Armani

Si Nacre Edition, the quintessence of Armani style in a new limited edition

Armani is one of the most famous Italian brands. If it shines thanks to its vast couture department, it is also famous for its very elegant, chic and luxurious perfumes. Thus, there is a perfect coherence between the olfactory universe of Armani and the clothing style it offers. Among its most famous essences, the Si perfume is a favorite. Created in 2013, it is an absolute symbol of femininity. Year after year, it reinvents itself and has already given birth to Sì Intense, Sì Eau de Toilette, Sì Rose Signature, Sì Passione, or recently Sì Fiori. Even today, he portrays us the new portrait of a strong and charismatic woman. The Armani brandgives us a unique limited edition, something to delight collectors or lovers of fine perfumery. Focus on the latest Si Nacre Edition.

Armani decorates its iconic bottle with a gold star

Si Nacre Edition is presented in the emblematic bottle of the Armani brand. Highly contrasted, this container contrasts a transparent glass base with an opaque black cap. Thus, the stage is immediately set: the woman is multiple and Armani addresses each of them. The crystalline walls of this bottle let us glimpse a flesh-colored juice, reminiscent of female skin. However, this time, Si Nacre Editionoffers itself a small additional eccentricity. A golden star is displayed on its front face. It is as if the Armani woman has been perceived as a star among all women … A small golden collar also sublimates the base of her hood, as if to materialize the charm and refinement of Armani. The name of the brand, meanwhile, appears discreetly on its sturdy base.

Si Nacre Edition, a fragrance rich in emotions

Si Nacre Edition in a way embodies the quintessence of the Armani style. Femininity appears sensual, charming is strong. This fragrance immediately arouses emotion. Symbol of femininity and courage, Si Nacre Edition is much more than a perfume. It conveys a message: have the courage to say “If”, if to life, if to love, if to all your desires! With this essence, everyday life is played with enthusiasm. More concretely, this translates into a voluptuous, refreshing and intense fragrance. To make the skin shiver, Si Nacre Edition starts with a juicy cocktail. The blackcurrant nectar is still present. It awakens the taste buds, offering us a tangy and delicious flavor. Then, a more chypre accord makes the whole more modern. Vanilla also sublimates the seductive spirit of this perfume, immediately playing on its suave side. Femininity resurfaces with a bouquet of May rose and freesia. Finally, Si Nacre Edition ends with base notes of musky blond wood, for a tender and animal effect at the same time. Like its predecessors, Si Nacre Edition is a “tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence”.

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