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Sisley Eau de Campagne perfume



Sisley - Country Water
Sisley – Country Water

Eau de Campagne, Sisley’s breath of fresh air

Perfume has an infinite number of uses. This everyday gesture allows you to both sublimate your outfit but also to seduce or energize yourself. However, when it takes us back to our memories, it can also be associated with a moment of comfort. However, it is a summary of all this that we find in Sisley’s Country Water . Fragrance of emotion endowed with immense freshness, it immediately provides a feeling of appeasement. So let’s see what are the secrets of his recipe as well as his sources of inspiration.

The invigorating authenticity of Eau de Campagne

With the Eau de Campagne fragrance, Sisley has chosen to draw us into her privacy. Indeed, Isabelle and Hubert d’Ornano owned a country house in which they liked to gather as a family. However, it is precisely this idyllic vision of sharing that we find in Eau de Campagne. This mixed essence is synonymous with simple happiness. Imagine yourself: a garden strewn with wildflowers, a sunny Sunday, the father mowing, the grandparents tending to the vegetable garden, the mother on a deck chair reading a magazine, the children playing in the grass and sipping lemonade …

This is all that the Eau de Campagne fragrance offers us. Released in 1976, this juice does not seem to go out of fashion in the least because it conveys a message that is still very current. Filled with optimism, it gives us a mixture of relaxation and refinement, intimacy and universality. What’s more, unlike most mixed fragrances, this one doesn’t lack character. Thus, although Eau de Campagne plays the card of relaxation, it is nonetheless a decidedly chic fragrance.

The airy flavor of Sisley Country Water

Eau de Campagne is a fairly traditional looking fragrance. Indeed, its initial freshness is reminiscent in certain points of that of the colognes of yesteryear. It all begins with a lively and aromatic combination of lemon, bergamot and basil. The galbanum, meanwhile, only increases the vegetal atmosphere of this perfume a little more. Everything would almost resemble the smell of fresh cut grass. Then, the Eau de Campagne gradually evolves towards a more floral elegance.

It combines jasmine and lily of the valley. However, that is not where the surprise of this essence lies. Sisley dared to add tomato leaf to his composition. The latter is considered the signature of this perfume. However, it gives way to a more chypre, woody and musky base. The result is a perfectly balanced fragrance without being too consensual. Its bias is clearly stated: Eau de Campagne is all about green and almost vegetable freshness.

Sisley – Country Water

Unique and exclusive, Eau de Campagne is a breath of fresh air, a green and powerful breath that infuses well-being on a daily basis. Its enveloping, daring and dynamic notes encourage relaxation and escape.

Sisley Eau de Campagne – Perfume

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A perfume for two …

Lively, sparkling and racy, Eau de Campagne is an olfactory composition full of surprises, luminous and light, for women and men alike in search of well-being.

It is an original Water to share and to use on all occasions, in the city as in the countryside, at work as in sport, and even in the sun, since it is not photo sensitizing.

True homage to the magic of nature, Eau de Campagne expresses dynamism, originality and brings freshness throughout the day.

Sisley Countryside Water – Hydrating Fluid

Sisley Countryside Water - Hydrating Fluid
Sisley Countryside Water – Hydrating Fluid

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Le Fluide Hydratant pour le Corps parfumé à l’Eau de Campagne combine l’action stimulante, hydratante et adoucissante des plantes (Petit Houx, Jioh, Phytosqualane issu de l’Olivier).

Sa formule apporte à la peau confort, bien-être et douceur et agit pour :

  • prévenir le vieillissement de l’épiderme
  • améliorer la tonicité de la peau
  • exercer une action défatigante sur les jambes
  • hydrater durablement l’épiderme.

Sisley Eau de Campagne – Huile Parfumée

Sisley Eau de Campagne - Scented Oil
Sisley Eau de Campagne – Huile Parfumée

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Un soin pour le corps qui procure une incomparable sensation de confort et de bien-être.

L’Huile pour le Bain parfumée à l’Eau de Campagne contient des extraits naturels de plantes (Millepertuis, Calendula et Aubépine) aux vertus apaisantes et adoucissantes.

  • Elle parfume agréablement le corps.
  • Elle satine et adoucit la peau.
  • Elle invite à la détente et à la relaxation.

Sisley Eau de Campagne – Déodorant Parfumé

Sisley Eau de Campagne - Perfumed Deodorant
Sisley Eau de Campagne – Déodorant Parfumé
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Ce déodorant parfumé à l’Eau de Campagne assure fraîcheur, bien-être et confort tout au long de la journée.
  • Sa formule très douce est anti-irritante et anti-desséchante.
  • Il assure une protection efficace et longue tenue.
  • Il convient à toutes les peaux, même les plus sensibles.

Le Déodorant à l’Eau de Campagne apporte un bien-être immédiat sans laisser de traces.

Sisley Eau de Campagne – Gel Douche Parfumé

Sisley Eau de Campagne - Scented Shower Gel
Sisley Eau de Campagne – Gel Douche Parfumé

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Le Phytogel est un bain de jouvence riche en actifs adoucissants qui insuffle des accents toniques, vivifiants et stimulants.

Sa formule très douce à base de Lierre, Fucus et Prêle, nettoie l’épiderme en douceur.

La peau est :

  • nette, lisse et fraîche
  • délicatement parfumée et stimulée
  • douce et veloutée.

Phytogel convient également aux cheveux, qu’il laisse doux et brillants

Sisley Eau de Campagne – Savon Parfumé

Sisley Eau de Campagne - Perfumed Soap
Sisley Eau de Campagne – Savon Parfumé

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Parfumé aux notes herbacées et toniques de l’Eau de Campagne, ce pain de toilette de très grande qualité procure une mousse fine et très onctueuse.

  • Il nettoie la peau tout en douceur.
  • Grâce à sa haute concentration en Perfume, il procure une immédiate sensation de fraîcheur.

Le Savon parfumé à l’Eau de Campagne s’utilise à toutes les occasions et convient aussi bien aux hommes qu’aux femmes.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Vert

Notes de Tête : Bergamote, Galbanum, Citron, Basilic, Herbes Sauvages.

Notes de Coeur : Feuille de Tomate,Prune, Jasmin, Géranium, Muguet.

Notes de Fond : Mousse de Chêne, Patchouli, Vétiver, Musc.

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