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Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel



Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel
Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel

Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel, the solution for radiant skin

The skin is our body’s first natural barrier which is in direct contact with the outside world. Thus, she constantly undergoes multiple attacks such as the sun, cold, tobacco or stress. This is why it is essential to take care of it and to clean it with suitable care. In addition, cleaning rids the epidermis of impurities, sebum, pollution or toxins. However, it is advisable not to use a product that is too aggressive to respect its natural balance. To do this, Sisley has developed a Gentle Cleansing Gel based on tropical resins.

The natural assets used by Sisley

As with the development of each of its products, Sisleyhas integrated a large amount of natural products into the Gentle Cleansing Gel. Indeed, this brand is very focused on the use of natural raw materials and always favors an ingredient of this type to its synthetic substitute for an equivalent result. As such, Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel contains benzoin extract. This intensely purifies the skin and provides an immediate feeling of soothing. Likewise, frankincense and myrrh extract limit irritation and prevent any feeling of tightness from early morning until evening. So you will enjoy the comfort of your skin all day long. The marshmallow extract, on the other hand, contributes to its hydration. In this case, this natural active contains molecules capable of capturing water and retaining it in the heart of cells. D-Panthenol, on the other hand, helps to enhance this effect. Finally, for more softness, Sisley has also integrated glycerin of vegetable origin in its care. In this way, the Gentle Cleansing Gel will make your skin as soft as a caress.

The benefits of using Gentle Cleansing Gel

Gentle Cleansing Gel with tropical resins de Sisley has many strengths. Indeed, as its name suggests, it allows to cleanse the skin in depth. However, as it is composed mainly of natural ingredients, it sublimates it without ever being too aggressive. It has a purifying and softening action as well as moisturizing properties mainly coming from marshmallow extract. No, don’t get me wrong, the Gentle Cleansing Gel doesn’t smell like a candy! On the other hand, the water supply provided by this product helps to preserve the youthfulness of your skin day after day. Indeed, for this, nothing is more effective than hydration. For optimal effectiveness, the Gentle Cleansing Gel is to be applied daily. It helps the skin to breathe better. This is as if freed from impurities and its excess sebum. The Gentle Cleansing Gel thus removes waste from each of your pores and helps the skin to get rid of its dull appearance to make it more radiant than ever. Your face thus regains all its freshness and the radiance of your youth.

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