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Sisley Lyslait Make-up Remover, the secrets of gentle make-up removal



Sisley Lyslait Make-up Remover
Sisley Lyslait Make-up Remover

Sisley bases all its products on herbal medicine from the start, when the principle is hardly known. Only the best plant extracts are thus selected and then dosed very carefully before integrating a product. Having become cult, the brand has also created “Sisley Beauté”. The latter combines expertise and creativity in order to develop products that are as pleasant to use as they are effective. A pioneer in phyto-cosmetology, the Sisley brand always makes the most of plants and science to make women even more beautiful. Here, Sisley presents “Lyslait Démaquillant”.

The White Lily at the service of your skin with the Sisley Lyslait Cleanser

“Lyslait Démaquillant” Sisley is a creamy cleansing milk that removes all make-up, while respecting the balance of dry and sensitive skin. Enriched with white lily extract, Lyslait provides a feeling of comfort. The formula also contains extracts of mallow, linden, sunflower, vitamin E, orange blossom water. Result, your skin is luminous, supple and extremely soft. You should know that white lily petals were used by the Romans to treat burns, cuts and chapped skin. The white lily is now popular and integrated into many skin care and cosmetic products., but also in perfumery. Thanks to its emollient properties, white lily is an anti-wrinkle agent. White lily is also known for its calming, antiseptic and healing properties. It is more precisely the lily macerate, therefore obtained by maceration of the lily flowers in oil, which is used for its protective and soothing properties. It also helps to bring softness and radiance to the skin, making it ideal for all skin types, even dry skin, and skin with imperfections. “Lyslait Démaquillant” with white lily from Sisley is a cleansing milk designed for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its texture that is both rich and fluid, Lyslait provides a real feeling of comfort, without any feeling of a greasy film.

Sisley Lyslait Make-up Remover, advice for use

Apply Sisley “Lyslait Cleanser” with your fingertips on your face and neck, in circular motions to dissolve your makeup. Then wipe off with a tissue, then tone with Sisley’s “Flower Tonic Lotion” in order to perfect your make-up removal. Lyslait is contained in a very sober white bottle with black stripes and offers a capacity of 250 ml.
Sisley “Lyslait Démaquillant” is a white lily makeup remover . Soft and delicate, it will remove make-up from your skin while respecting your skin and will offer it exceptional comfort.



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