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Sisley Silky Oil SPF 15



Sisley Silky Oil SPF 15
Sisley Silky Oil SPF 15

Protect your skin from UV rays with Sisley Super Sun Care

On a daily basis, our skin is attacked by multiple factors, starting with the sun’s rays. These help to dry out the epidermis and make it age prematurely. What’s more, sun protection is something that we should be wearing throughout the year. Indeed, even when you do not feel it, UV rays are indeed present. To do this, Sisley has therefore developed a Super Sun Care in the form of a Silky Oil. A true ally of your beauty, it is very effective throughout the year.

The many benefits offered by the Silky Oil SPF 15

The Silky Oil SPF 15 can be used in two different cases. This is intended for the protection of the skin, even clear, when the sun is not strong. It is thus a perfect ally of everyday life, in autumn or winter for example. On the other hand, if you want to use this product in summer, it is preferable to have already tanned or dark skin because it only has an SPF 15 index, which is relatively low. This Sisley Super Sun Care is enriched with many active ingredients that filter UVA and UVB rays while providing maximum hydration to your skin. Thus, this treatment contains vitamin E and Sweet White Lupine extract, agents that help protect the skin from oxidation, the main cause of photoaging. Thanks to these ingredients, your cells are impeccably protected from UV rays attacks. Likewise, Sisley’s Silky Oil is enriched with camellia oil, helping to maintain a constant level of hydration. This allows the skin to better resist external aggressions. Thus, it plays its role of natural barrier all the better. Finally, sunflower and shea oil help it retain all its flexibility and continuously nourish it.

Sisley’s application tips

Sisley recommends applying this product liberally before each sun exposure. However, even if your skin is already tanned, it is essential to renew its application every two hours. At the same time, be aware that sunscreens are never 100% effective. It is therefore nevertheless preferable to never expose yourself to direct sunlight between 12:00 and 16:00 during the summer season. What is more, the effectiveness of this product is not great enough to be suitable for a young child. In this case, it is better to favor sun oils with a higher protection index. Nevertheless, dermatological tests have established real benefits associated with the regular use of Sisley Silky Oil SPF 15. This allows to obtain a more radiant and lasting tan. Likewise, this helps to smooth fine lines by preventing dehydration. It also limits the appearance of spots due to the sun. So what are you waiting for to make this your ally for the next vacation?

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