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Sisley So Intense Mascara



Sisley So Intense Mascara
Sisley So Intense Mascara

Enhance your eyes with Sisley’s So Intense Mascara

The look is one of the main assets to awaken and sublimate a face. Thus, during a make-up session, it should not be taken lightly and choosing a good mascara is essential for a successful make-up. If your eyes tend to lack volume and your eyelashes are naturally fragile, Sisley has a solution for you . Focus on his So Intense Mascara.

So Intense by Sisley, a fortifying mascara

So Intense Mascara benefits from all of Sisley’s cosmetological expertise. Thus, he does not content himself with making up the eyes. He takes care of it and strengthens it durably. It is enriched with a unique skincare formula, comprising vitamin peptides. In the long term, it acts on the length and thickness of the eyelashes naturally. These results are visible after just two weeks. Even without makeup, your eyes will appear more intense, and your lashes will appear better defined and thicker.

The volumizing effect of So Intense Mascara

At the same time, Sisley’s So Intense Mascara contains ultra-pure colored pigments that release a particularly intense color and provide long-lasting make-up. Sisley’s brush is also particularly innovative. It allows a perfect distribution of the material. Thus, your eyes are covered, and each of your eyelashes is well separated from the others. The result is a particularly intense volume and a densified look. Sisley’s So Intense Mascara works wonders in just one swipe. What’s more, it has been tested by ophthalmologic checks, and is very suitable for sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers.

Sisley - So Intense Mascara
Sisley – So Intense Mascara

Rich and fortifying mascara with a unique treatment formula from Sisley, which acts on the length and thickness of bare lashes in just 4 weeks.

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Immediately, covered and fuller lashes. Day after day, longer, denser and more beautiful eyelashes.

Start by applying So Intense mascara to the tips of perfectly dry upper lashes. Then “comb” the eyelashes from root to tip to coat each eyelash with the product. Iron one or more successive layers depending on the intensity of the makeup desired.

To enlarge the gaze, use the comb brush in light strokes on the lashes at the outer corner of the eye and “pull” the brush outwards.

Vitamin peptide, Castor, Provitamin B5, Rice phytoceramides, Carnauba wax, Beeswax.

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