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Sisley Tonic Lotion with Flowers, between freshness and delicacy



Sisley Flower Tonic Lotion
Sisley Flower Tonic Lotion

In the Ornano family, beauty secrets have been passed down from generation to generation since 1976. A pioneer in the use of phyto-cosmetology, the Sisley house was born under the leadership of Hubert d’Ornano. Visionary designer, Hubert d’Ornano is at the head of the Sisley house with his wife, Isabelle. They lead the Sisley brand by upholding three founding values, namely quality, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Innovation in the world of cosmetics and its international involvement have made Sisley one of the jewels of French luxury and beauty. Here, Sisley presents her “Flower Tonic Lotion”.

the benefits of flowers in the heart of a Sisley Flower Tonic Lotion bottle

The “Flower Tonic Lotion” is a lotion that is used to perfect make-up removal, but also to cleanse and keep skin perfectly clear and beautiful. Your Sisley lotion contains extracts of rose, cornflower and witch hazel, which gives your skin soothing and softening properties. Sisley “Flower Tonic” is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It will tone, soothe and also prepare your skin for other treatments or even your makeup. Thanks to your Sisley tonic, your skin will be softer, fresher and much more comfortable.

Sisley Flower Tonic Lotion, usage tips

To get the best out of your Sisley “Flower Tonic Lotion”, it is advisable to pass a cotton ball soaked in lotion on your face and neck in the morning and evening after removing make-up, or even after using a mask. Let your lotion penetrate a few moments before applying your treatment. Used daily, it will tone your skin, while bringing it freshness and comfort. Your Sisley tonic is contained in a pink, delicate and tender bottle with a capacity of 250 ml.

Sisley ” Flower Tonic Lotion ” is a lotion that perfects your make-up removal. Your skin will then be perfectly cleansing, but also endowed with great freshness.

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