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Ready In a Flash, the new Clarins eye palette



Ready In a Flash, the new Clarins eye palette
Ready In a Flash, the new Clarins eye palette

The Ready In a Flash Palette, a colorful concentrate to put on your eyes

The Clarins house is N ° 1 for high-end treatments in Europe. If the brand enjoys such notoriety, it is quite simply because each of its references contains an additional ingredient: passion. Always attentive to women, Clarins manufactures care and make-up products that are fully trendy, and incorporating active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. In this context, Clarins invites you this time to put color on your face. Focus on his new Ready In a Flash Palette.

The six colors contained in the Ready In a Flash Palette

The Clarins Ready In a Flash Palette contains an assortment of several powders with different color and texture. In total, these offer three distinct finishes that, combined together, give exceptional relief to your face. Some of them are matte while others are more iridescent. The first two, top left, contain a glitter finish and act as two highlighter. In other words, they capture the surrounding light depositing it on your eyes. From then on, your gaze becomes more dazzling and sparkles with a thousand lights. Available in a hot gold and a holographic pink, these powders adapt to all your desires.

They are associated with two deeper colors, beige or carmine. In a matte finish, these bring power to your eyes. Their depth is further amplified by two other powders that are used to dress your eyebrows. Light or dark, these powders adapt to different skin tones and are perfect for dressing all types of looks without even being noticed. The objective of these eyeshadows is to offer you a complete eye makeup ritual, presented for the occasion in a small case no larger than a Smartphone.

How to properly apply the powders of the Ready In a Flash Palette?

To obtain the desired effect by Clarins on your eyes, it is also necessary to know how to apply the different powders offered in the Ready In a Flash Palette . Note that the two matte shades are applied to the entire mobile eyelid. They give it more depth. The two shiny and scintillating powders, on the other hand, settle under the brow bone and at the level of the internal angle of your eyes. They bring more relief and light to your makeup.

The texture of the different powders of the Ready In a Flash Palette is specifically designed so that they blend easily with each other, creating pretty gradients. To do this, you just need to apply them with a brush or directly with your finger. Note all the same that the brush allows to obtain a more precise visual. Finally, the last two powders are applied to your eyebrows. For a perfect result, we recommend brushing your eyebrows before and after applying the powder. Brushing beforehand is used to style your eyebrows. The second brushing blurs the powder for a more natural effect.

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