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Reduce redness with SOS Primer Vert from Clarins



SOS Primers Green to reduce redness
SOS Primers Green to reduce redness

Continuously surfing on trends while adding its expertise, Clarins continues to offer new make-up products. Thus, she is currently unveiling an assortment of six complexion correctors . Each of them has a very specific color. Clarins correctors are therefore based on a colorimetric property which causes two complementary colors to neutralize each other when they are superimposed. Here, the SOS Primer Green Care allows you to erase pimples quite simply because the green color naturally conceals the red color.

Green, an ideal color to hide inflamed pimples

Green is one of the most used colors in makeup to correct the irregularities of time. This is because it cancels out red, which can be particularly handy in a whole host of circumstances. First of all, you will understand, the SOS Primer Green Care is used to hide the small buttons. Yes, but not only… When winter arrives and you blow your nose too often, your nose tends to redden. Here again, the SOS Primer Vert Treatment can intervene. With it, you will no longer have to suffer from redness, and your face will appear completely uniform.

The unique Clarins know-how at the heart of the SOS Primer Vert treatment

At the same time, let’s not forget that Clarins is also one of the most recognized brands in the world in terms of cosmetology. As a result, the SOS Primer Vert Soin does not just put on make-up, but sublimates your skin day by day. Its unique formula is both moisturizing and protective. It provides comfort to your skin for 24 hours while protecting it from pollution. Finally, know that SOS Primer Vert Soin, despite its exceptional coverage, lets your face breathe, which only becomes more pleasant.

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