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Serge Lutens: La Couche du Diable his latest fragrance



Serge Lutens: La Couche du Diable his latest fragrance
Serge Lutens: La Couche du Diable his latest fragrance

La Couche du Diable, when Serge Lutens invites us into Satan’s lair

Usually, perfumery is a luxurious and refined domain that evokes beauty, poetry or even tenderness. However, it happens that certain perfumers go astray and take other paths in order to surprise us. However, to have only one specialist in the matter, it would undoubtedly be Serge Lutens. Infinitely talented and overflowing with inventiveness, this atypical character will stop at nothing. His latest madness? Name his new perfume La Couche du Diable !

The enigmatic quotes of Serge Lutens

While the big perfume houses indicate precisely what are the ingredients of their perfume, while accompanying them with a very detailed description to allow us to immerse ourselves in their universe, Serge Lutens works in a completely different way. He has a habit of matching his creations with a quote that is always strange and gives free rein to everyone’s interpretation. This time, La Couche du Diable is delivered to us with the following sentence:

Advertising visual for the La Couche du Diable perfume
Advertising visual for the La Couche du Diable perfume

“Putting the devil on notice no longer implies hell. The Earth already provides for it. ‘A grand feu’ is no longer to my liking today. Preferring the embers to the flames, my remorse regains the night. He also sits a question: “How can one invite oneself to the coronation of Satan when the one whom he invites has not yet tasted of sin?” Oud and cistus compose here the layer of a first remorse as demonic as it is sumptuous ”. If these explanations may be puzzling to say the least, they at least have the merit of telling us what the two main ingredients of La Couche du Diable are.

The two major ingredients of La Couche du Diable

If Serge Lutens perfumery is still very enigmatic, it is nonetheless very prestigious. Thus, the creator uses the best raw materials , always opting for high quality. It makes perfumery an art in its own right, to the delight of fine connoisseurs of fragrances and initiated consumers. The Devil’s Layer thus contains oud wood, a rare wood growing in India and South Asia, and producing a fragrant and subtle aromatic resin. The oud wood gives La Couche du Diable a warm, woody and round scent, evoking in a certain sense the presence of sandalwood. Cistus labdanum, for its part, gives off a more amber and animal aspect, while preserving a floral richness in the background.

It should be noted, in passing, that La Couche du Diable is far from being Serge Lutens’ only perfume with a dark and mysterious universe. Baptism of Fire, Cannibal, Flame Breaker or even The incendiary, its name from some of its fragrances, are other essences of the creator, the darkness of which is undeniable. Far from being a necessarily tortured character, Serge Lutens simply places no limits on his creativity. For him, perfumery must reveal our desires, even the most hidden ones. He therefore gives free rein to his inventiveness, and this is how La Couche du Diable was born.

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