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Sisley enriched its formula with Neck Cream



Sisley enriched its formula with Neck Cream
Sisley enriched its formula with Neck Cream

Take care of your cleavage with Sisley Neck Cream

Generally neglected, the neck is however a very sensual part of your body which it is essential to take care of. Indeed, we often attach particular importance to the face but forget the neck and décolleté. However, the skin is more fragile there than elsewhere and it is one of the places where wrinkles first appear. This is why Sisley has developed a treatment specially dedicated to this part of the body. This helps you to fight effectively against this phenomenon and combines several actions in order to keep the youth of your body.

Combined actions in the care of Sisley

Sisley Neck Cream is enriched with many natural active ingredients that meet the specific needs of the skin of the neck. In this case, the raw materials contained in this balm make it possible to refine and firm the epidermis. Neck Creamhas an immediate tightening effect. Thus, results are visible from its application. However, the effects of this treatment last throughout the day. Thus, the skin is nourished and hydrated continuously. What’s more, the firming action of the Neck Cream works day after day as it is applied. Thus, the skin of the neck is visibly redensified. Likewise, this balm has a refining action that regulates the thickness of the skin. Indeed, with age, the epidermis tends to thicken and this is a sign of premature aging of cells. Sisley’s Neck Cream therefore allows your skin to regain all of its former finesse. What’s more, its creamy texture makes your self-ritual a real moment of pleasure. Your skin then appears wrinkled and your fine lines are immediately reduced.

The active ingredients contained in Sisley Neck Cream

What’s more, for gentle action and efficiency, Sisley has incorporated a number of natural components into its cream. Thus, it contains oat seeds acting on the tension of the skin. The extracts of ratanhia and lady’s mantle, meanwhile, act by their astringent power. The soy fibers then come to firm everything up while the red algae and caffeine act thanks to their slimming active ingredients on the thickness of the epidermis. The toning aspect of the Neck Cream, on the other hand, comes from horse chestnut extract. Finally, vitamin E acts as a real barrier. What’s more, for more smoothness and smoothness, the Neck Cream also contains sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin and shea butter. Sisley seems to have integrated all the benefits of nature to concoct a truly exceptional treatment. The latter is to be applied on clean skin. It is used twice a day during the first two months for a real booster effect. The following month, however, its use may be reduced to once a day for maintenance.

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