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Refined and confusing, the new La Femme Prada perfume set



Refined and confusing, the new La Femme Prada perfume box is finally here!
Refined and confusing, the new La Femme Prada perfume box is finally here!

The Prada Woman and her box as refined as it is confusing

Created in 2016, the perfume La Femme Prada represents the quintessence of the Prada house. It takes us to a very feminine, chic and elegant universe. It highlights the sensuality of the wearer. Associated with its male counterpart, it fully expresses the notion of genres and plays on contrast. La Femme Prada is a unique fragrance that takes us on a real sensory journey. It appeals to emotions and memories, becoming a timeless juice, both traditional and exotic. Today, La Femme Prada gives us a new facet of her personality and is revealed in an unexpected box.

The very floral scent of La Femme Prada

La Femme Prada is a fragrance that was designed like a huge bouquet of white flowers. After all, what better way than this to evoke femininity? It begins with a solar and heady breath of frangipani flower. Its sensuality is then taken to the extreme in an exotic addition of ylang-ylang. Its somewhat spicy scent is softened on contact with beeswax. Vanilla in turn contributes to making its recipe more sweet and syrupy. Tuberose increases its share of poetry. Finally, vetiver gives structure to the whole of this fragrance and rounds off its expression.

Prada’s box

If we expected a very refined box from the Prada house, we did not expect this one to be decorated with a funny robot on its front face. The idea is daring but just as seductive. Its white and gold color goes perfectly with the La Femme Prada perfume. The La Femme Prada spray of 50 ml is accompanied for the occasion by the body milk of the range.

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