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Rem, a scented postcard from Saint-Barth!



Rem, a scented postcard from Saint-Barth!
Rem, a scented postcard from Saint-Barth!

After having enchanted the 70s with Patchouli, Musk or Amber, the Réminiscence house made us dive into the big blue with Rem, the beautiful salty-iodine. Rem is the story of our vacation by the sea, it is also the fragrant love story that the Amaddeo have had for years with the Caribbean. Rem exhales like a wave of marine freshness where the heat of wood heated by the sun rushes with delight into our nostrils …

Rem, shells and crustaceans, holiday memories from Réminiscence

The Réminiscence house never creates a perfume like the others, it already loves them long before their birth and never stops cuddling them in order to share them better with us. Thus the trio of fabulous perfumes from the 70s, including the famous Patchouli, has never aged a bit as their scents are unique and their inspirations timeless. For Rem, released in 1996, it will be the same, so much the memories which link the couple Amaddeo to Rem are powerful and universal.

Rem is designed, like its predecessors, as a fragrant travel journal that would bring back the most beautiful vacation memories of the founding couple of Réminiscence. The Amaddeo wanted a perfume that retraces their olfactory memories of their divine stays in Saint-Barthélémy, Francis Camail did it!

“REM is a perfume made of memories! But it is above all a journey along the water with, for name, the anagram of the word MER. It is also a color: a luminous turquoise that waves of coral delicately lick. »Nino Amaddeo for Rem, Reminiscence.

For Rem, their favorite perfumer will thus recreate the scents of iodines, sunscreen, fruits, exotic flowers and amber woods that the Amaddeo love so much. Then the pretty Rem will go and conquer the hearts of eternal vacationers without flashy advertising, without muse, just with a few azure blue notes to make us dream of his oceans imprisoned in a bottle.

A sensual iodized floral responding to the sweet name of Rem…

If the scented composition of Francis Camail for Rem takes us on vacation, the bottle of pretty iodine is not left out! Indeed Rem appears in an azure water bubble where the imprints of the sea are drawn on the glass. As for the cabochon, it evokes a very stylized way of a pretty seaweed, all you have to do is let yourself be immersed the nose in its turquoise blue juice.

Of course, it is the pretty and powerful note of calone that opens Rem’s scent ball. Then the iodized scents give way to the exotic flowers of its shores thanks to notes of jasmine, lilac and rose which will perfume the heart of this beautiful sailor. Finally after swimming and exotic flowers, the sensual depths of Rem take us into full sun, where patchouli woods become velvety and vanilla and tonka bean delicacies intoxicate us with happiness.

“To color your life in Rem is to paint it with a note of turquoise blue, with a hint of coral, to give it the colors of a unique and luminous perfume. »Reminiscence for Rem.

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