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Rem Homme, something new at Réminiscence in perfumery



Rem Homme, something new at Réminiscence in perfumery
Rem Homme, something new at Réminiscence in perfumery

Reminiscence’s iconic Rem perfume returns in a men’s version

The French house Reminiscence is famous around the world for its collection of costume jewelry and its assortment of many fragrances. Each of her creations draws its source from a distant land and Reminiscence has thus made its travels its main source of inspiration. In this register, one of its greatest olfactory bestsellers is the Rem perfume . Designed for women, it is inspired by a solar amber discovered on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. Developed in 1996, it had no male equivalent until then. Well, Gentlemen, rejoice: it is now done! Focus on the new Rem Homme de Reminiscence!

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When a holiday scent floats in the male shelves of Reminiscence

Like all the perfumes in the Rem collection, the new Rem Homme makes you want to vacation. It alone evokes the beach, the freshness of the sea and the delicacies of the islands. Closing your eyes, you could almost have the impression that your feet are in contact with a white sand warmed by the sun and that the sound of a sailboat sailing on the horizon emerges. Rem Homme portrays us the portrait of an enchanting universe and seems to come from an exotic and distant elsewhere. It is designed for all men who love the great outdoors, wanting to leave our urban world to meet more paradisiacal and sunny lands.

The new contemporary and aquatic style of Rem Homme

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the bottle of this new perfume . Its membership in the large family of Reminiscence is immediately obvious. Indeed, the silhouette of this bottle has remained the same as that of the very first Rem. Its round base evokes a drop of water in suspension. Its transparent glass embodies a certain freshness while its bluish juice alone evokes the color of the sea. In a more contemporary and masculine spirit, this bottle is topped with a cubic-shaped cap. Very refined, it is made of wood, one of the favorite ingredients of perfumers to evoke masculinity.

Rem pour Homme, a fresh and maritime fragrance

But then, what about the scent of this new perfume? Rem Homme is a juice that is less exotic than in the past and which seems to have left the island of Saint-Barthélemy to plunge us into a more Mediterranean territory. Indeed, it begins with the scent of citrus fruits. Its citrus breath is full of lemon, the emblem par excellence of Sicily. Then, Rem Homme invites us to leave the mainland and take a dip in the middle of the sea. Its heart is mainly made up of aquatic and salty notes. After this refreshing breath, the man’s skin nevertheless seems to warm up little by little. The masculinity of Rem Homme takes over and its scent ends with a woody note evocative of the hull of a sailboat. So, what are you waiting for to treat yourself to this cruise aboard the Reminiscence boat?

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