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Sisley signs a final Eau de Campagne box



Sisley signs a final Eau de Campagne box
Sisley signs a final Eau de Campagne box

Sisley celebrates its timeless Eau de Campagne in a very colorful box

The Eau de Sisley Campaign is a soothing fragrance that offers an unexpected break from the everyday. He gives us an idyllic vision of a family on a sunny Sunday, spent in a country house. Moreover, this is precisely what the Sisley family was inspired to make this perfume. Sisley Country Water is a unisex juice, far from being too consensual or boring.

It has a rich and very scalable construction. It gives us the joys of the outdoors and invites us to escape. It is like a picnic in the grass, at the foot of a large oak tree. It soothes and replenishes with a simple breath. Today, the Eau de Campagne is back in a box.

The soothing scent of Eau de Campagne

Sisley’s Eau de Campagne begins with a fresh and joyful soaring, both citrusy and aromatic. Very vegetal, it brings together basil, bergamot and lemon. His heart, meanwhile, is more floral. It combines the lightness of jasmine and lily of the valley with an unexpected flavor of tomato leaves. Its vegetal aspect opens the way to a more chypre, musky and woody background. Thus, Sisley’s Country Water plays in the register of elegance.

Sisley’s perfumed box

The Eau de Campagne is presented this time in a very colorful box . It has a little retro side that fits it like a glove! It contains, for the occasion, a 100 ml bottle of Eau de Campagne associated with Phyto Gel Eau de Campagne, which is nothing but a smooth and softening shower gel.

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