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Sisley Super Sun Cream Face SPF 10



Sisley Super Sun Cream Face SPF 10
Sisley Super Sun Cream Face SPF 10

With 1,100 points of sale around the world, the Sisley brand is now present in the fashion world, thanks to a completely recognizable style. This style is that of creativity, a work of imagination and innovation, coupled with constant research that allows us to offer affordable prices. Since 1976, the use of active ingredients from plants and essential oils in beauty and cosmetic products has allowed Sisley to become a truly innovative brand. Sisley always designs its products in such a way that they exhibit high efficacy and optimum tolerance. Here, Sisley presents “Super Sun Cream for Face SPF10”.

The happiness of protecting your face from the sun with Sisley Super Sun Cream Face SPF10

Sisley “Super Sun Cream for Face SPF10” provides you with ideal anti-UVA-UVB protection for skin that is already tanned, dark or not very sensitive to the sun. Sisley’s “Super Sun Cream for Face SPF 10” has low protection coupled with real sun care . Its specific ideally proportioned UVA-UVB filtering complex will provide optimized protection against the sun. To complete the action of the double UVA-UVB filtration, Super Sun Cream for Face SPF 10 offers an innovative formula and contains,
Anti-free radicals (alkenge chalice, vitamin E acetate), which reinforces the natural defenses of your skin,
Active ingredients of plant origin (shea butter, cucumber), which allows perfect hydration while fighting against dehydration, a source of fine lines.
Super Sun Cream SPF10 also helps your skin to protect itself from photo-aging. Its texture is fine and non-greasy. Colorless after application, your Sisley sunscreen will leave a protective film on your skin. Result, your tan is luminous, uniform and long-lasting. Your skin is soft, supple and perfectly hydrated. It is non-comedogenic.

Sisley Super Sun Cream Face SPF10, advice for use

It is important to keep in mind that babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight. To get the best out of your Sisley cream, apply “Super Sun Cream for Face SPF 10” generously before each sun exposure. You must renew this application every 2 hours and after each swim. It is also recommended to avoid overexposure to the sun. Your sunscreen is contained in a modern 60ml bottle, displaying colors of bronze and brown.

Sisley “Super Sun Cream for Face SPF10” is a sunscreen that is perfect for skin that is already tanned, dark or not very sensitive to the sun. Hydrated, your skin can then tan safely.

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